Intuitive Reading & Custom Soul Art

$333.00 - $555.00

What’s your story?
Your intuition is always there to guide you, but sometimes you may need help finding your way. I’m here to help guide you in your journey.

How do we co-create together?
I work virtually to access your Akashic Records or Book of Life. After asking for angelic help, I see your life symbols. I then record these symbols in an intuitive art piece. The original artwork is like a fingerprint of your soul. Your story is filled with messages that only you can use your intuition to translate. This allows us to co-create throughout this process and you to strengthen your intuition. Together we can unravel your direction to bring clarity into your journey.

What you will receive:
-10 min Zoom initial meeting
-Video of paint process and messages
-Written journey of your Akashic Reading
-20-30 min Zoom reveal of intuitive painting with reading
-Mixed Media painting on cold press watercolor paper with infused with love and symbols from your reading
-Free shipping North America (International Shipping is available for an additional cost)

After purchasing your reading:
- You will receive an email with directions to schedule with Calendly for your reading.